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AHL 3155

Prof: Erin McCarthy

Text: Happiness: A Very Short Introduction

       Theories of Happiness: An Anthology

AHL 3100A

Prof: Neil Soiseth

Text: Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture   $24.95    

Dancing in the Street: Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit   $47.95

Club Cultures: Music, Media and Subcultural Capital   $29.95


ANT 3133

Prof: Ari Gandsman

Text: Immunity: an Inoculation   $18.50

The Hospital Suite   $22.95

ANT 3326

Prof: Scott Simon

Text: They Called Us Savages

No Country for Eight-Spot Butterflies


CLA 2110

Prof: Jitse Dijkstra

Text: Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice   $130.50

CLA 2101

Prof: Laura Gagne

Text: Cambridge Companion to Aegean Bronze Age    $45.95

       A Brief History of Ancient Greece. 4th edition   $74.99

CLA 2170

Prof: Michael Klaasen

Text: The Anatomy of Medical Terminology... 3rd   $84.20

The Anatomy of Medical Terminology: Workbook. 3rd   $38.65

CLA 1101 A

Prof: David Sacks

Text: A Brief History of Ancient Greece. 4th edition   $74.99

CAL 2323A

Prof: David Sacks

Text: Complete World of Greek Mythology

LCL 2151

Prof: Lydia Schriemer

Text: Greek: An Intensive Course, 2nd Edition   $109.95

CLA 1101 (Two sections)


Text: Wheelock's Latin     $31.00

38 Latin Stories     $39.95


CMN 1148 B

Prof: Trevor Tucker

Text: Communication in Everyday Life   $169.99

CMN 2135 A

Prof: Trevor Tucker

Text: Speech Craft, 2nd edition   $116.95


CRM 6367

Prof: Chris Bruckert

Text: Red Light Labour   $34.95

CRM 6395

Prof: Chris Bruckert

Text: Raised Somewhere Else   $20.00

CRM 2301

Prof: Christine Gervais

Text: Positivist Theories in Criminology

Dictionary of Sociology   $23.50

CRM 3307 A

Prof: Lori Stinson

Text: Criminalizing Women   $44.95


ECO 3132B

Prof: David Gray

Text: Worldly Philosophers   $25.99


ENG 2103

Prof: Thomas Allen

Text: Clotel     $18.50

American Indian Stories, Legends, and Other Writings   $23.00

Little Women     $19.95

Leaves of Grass and Other Writings   $38.50

ENG 7310

Prof: Thomas Allen

Text: Recyclopedia   $25.00

She Had Some Horses   $22.95

The Time Machine     $16.50

Of One Blood    $25.95

The Picture of Dorian Gray     $16.50

To the Lighthouse     $15.50

Topdog/Underdog   $23.95


ENG 1112 H

Prof: Jennifer Baker

Text: Writing in the Technical Fields 3rd    $89.99

ENG 2130 A

Prof: Jennifer Baker

Text: They Say / I Say, 5th edition    $37.95

ENG 1100 FF + V

Prof: Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr

Text: Speaking of Writing   $43.50

ENG 7386

Prof: James Brooke-Smith

Text: Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence   $22.50

The Possessed: Adventures with Russian...   $24.00

Reality Hunger: A Manifesto   $22.95

Essayism: On Form...   $23.95

K-Punk   $34.95

H is for Hawk   $22.00

ENG 1100

Prof: Mark Burke

Text: Broadview Pocket Guide to Writing, 4th edition     $22.95

ENG 1100

Prof: Ross Clarkson

Text: Broadview Pocket Guide to Writing, 4th edition   $22.95

ENG 3377

Prof: Susan Cooper

Text: Little Women     $10.99

The Awakening and Selected Stories     $9.99

The Red Badge of Courage     $10.99

Washington Square     $12.00

Billy Budd Bartleby and Other Stories   $14.00

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn   $10.00

ENG 1124

Prof: Lauren Gillingham

Text: Frankenstein     $14.50

They Say, I Say   $37.95

ENG 3112A

Prof: Lauren Gillingham

Text: The Long Song   $22.00

Milkman   $21.00

ENG 1120 E

Prof: Shannon Griffin-Merth

Text: Writing Essays about Literature 2nd     $23.95

In the Skin of a Lion     $21.00

ENG 1100 DD + GG + MM

Prof: Aaron Kaiserman

Text: Speaking of Writing: A Brief Rhetoric     $43.50

ENG 2124B

Prof: Sara Landreth

Text: A Journal of the Plague Year  $9.95

Angels in America   $26.95

World War Z   $23.00

Station Eleven   $21.99

Poetry in Medicine Anthology   o.p.

ENG 6360A

Prof: Sara Landreth

Text: Seven Beauties of Science Fiction   $36.95

Journal of the Plague Year   $9.95

Station Eleven    $21.99

Ancillary Justice   $22.99

Bloodchild and other Stories   $19.50

Frankenstein   $28.50

Paper Bodies     $29.95

A Blazing World   $21.95

ENG 2104 A + B

Prof: Sean Moreland

Text: Another Country   $22.95

       Incognegro     $25.99

Parable of the Sower   $22.99

Their Dogs Came With Them   $23.00

Norton Anthology of American Literature. Vol.2, Shorter 10th   $75.50

​ENG 2370

Prof: Sean Moreland

Text: Everyone Lies   $35.99

ENG 2124

Prof: Jennifer Panek

Text: The Tamer Tamed   $17.95

Edward the Second   $19.95

The Roaring Girl   $26.95

ENG 3133A

Prof: Jennifer Panek

Text: Richard II   $7.99

Henry IV, Part I   $6.99

Romeo & Juliet   $7.95

The Taming of the Shrew   $7.95

The Merry Wives of Windsor    $9.50

ENG 1124 A & C

Prof: Anne Raine

Text: They Say I Say 5th   $37.95

Mindfulness for Students   $30.95

ENG 6304

Prof: Anne Raine

Text: Professing Literature    $45.95

Discipline and Punish   $24.00

Poetics of Relation   $30.99

Vibrant Matter   $32.95

The Great Derangement   $20.99

ENG 2105

Prof: Kelly St-Jacques

Text: Norton Anthology of English Literature. Vols. A, B + C. 10th Ed. $89.95

ENG 2110

Prof: Kelly St-Jacques

Text: The Graveyard Book   $10.99

Lost and Found   $34.99

Elatsoe   $26.99

Flora and Ulysses   $11.99

They Both Die at the End   15.99

ENG 2102A

Prof: Robert Stacey

Text: Wild Geese   $19.95

By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept   $12.99

Beautiful Losers   $21.00

The Crackwalker   $16.95

In the Skin of a Lion   $21.00

Monkey Beach   $21.00

Thirsty   $18.00

ENG 2101A

Prof: David Staines

Text: Settlers of the Marsh   $21.00

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town   $22.00

Antoinette de Mirecourt  o.p.

Anne of Green Gables   $9.95

Wild Geese   $19.95

Wild Animals I Have Known   $19.95

Canadian Poetry from the Beginnings Through the First World War   $21.95

ENG 3323

Prof: David Staines

Text: Canterbury Tales   $34.95

ENG 2105 A

Prof: Andrew Taylor

Text: Norton Anthology of English Literature. A,B &C 10th edition  $89.95

ENG 2130 A

Prof: Andrew Taylor

Text: Le Morte Darthur: The Winchester Manuscript

Lancelot: The Knight of the Cart   $34.95

ENG 1100 Q + UU

Prof: Natalie Taylor

Text: Becoming an Active Reader. Third Edition   $89.99

ENG 1100 FF + V

Prof: Alan West

Text: Speaking of Writing   $43.50


ENV 1101

Prof: Sonia Wesche

Text: Environment: The Science Behind the Headlines $189.99



Prof: Joerg Esleben

Text: Menschen A1.1 Kursbuch   $28.00

Menschen A1.1 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD   $28.00

Menschen A1.1 Glossar XXL Deutsch-Englisch  (optional)  $24.00

Schritte neu Grammatik (optional)   $36.00


Prof: Joerg Esleben

Text: Menschen A2.1 Kursbuch   $28.00

Menschen A2.1 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD   $28.0

Menschen A2.1 Glossar XXL Deutsch-Englisch (optional)  $24.00

Schritte neu Grammatik (optional)  $36.00


Prof: Joerg Esleben

Text: Menschen B1.1 Kursbuch   $28.00

Menschen B1.1 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD   $28.00

Schritte neu Grammatik (optional)   $36.00


HIS 3328

Prof: Jan Grabowski

Text: Years of Extermination   $28.50

HIS 2182

Prof: Jo-Anne McCutcheon

Text: Rethinking Canada: The Promise of Women's History

HIS 4151B

Prof: Neil Soiseth

Text: Race, Rock and Elvis   $29.50

A Cold War State of Mind: Brainwashing and Postwar American Society   $43.95

Playboy and the Making of the Good Life in Modern America   $26.95

Moments of Grace: The American City in the 1950's   $46.95

Make Room for TV: Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America   $47.95



MUS 1301

Prof: Genevieve Bazinet


MUS 1191 / 1151

Prof: Doreen Taylor-Claxton

Text: Music for Sight Singing, 10th   $141.65

Manual for Ear Training and Sight Singing   $143.95

MUS 2306

Prof: Robert Rival

Text: Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony. Text and Workbook bundle, 2nd Ed.  $205.50


PHI 1301A

Prof: Paul Forster

Text: On Being Free   $40.95

PHI 3174

Prof: David Hyder

Text: Survey of Metaphysiscs   $124.95

PHI 4101

Prof: Patrice Philie

Text: Sophist    $19.95

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus   $36.95


POL 1102

Prof: Nisha Shah

Text: Global Politics: A New Introduction. 3rd Ed.   $74.95

What Strange Paradise   $21.00

POL 3102

Prof: Robert Sparling

Text: Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals   $22.95

A Vindication of the Rights of Women   $6.95

Marx. Selected Writings   $35.95

On Liberty, Utilitarianism and Other Essays   $14.95

The Genealogy of Morals   $11.95

POL 2101 A + B

Prof: Lori Stinson

Text: Canadian Government and Politics 7th ed.     $68.50


THE 5110

Prof: Chris Eaket

Text: The Craft of Research 4th   $28.95

Research Methods in Theatre & Performance   $49.95

THE 1110

Prof: Doreen Taylor-Claxton

Text: Measure for Measure: An Anthology of Poetic Matters   $16.95