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LAST UPDATED 22 April, 2021


CLA 1101A

Prof: David Sacks

Text: A Brief History of Ancient Greece   $64.95

CLA 2323

Prof: David Sacks

Text: Complete World of Greek Mythology   $53.95


ENG 7320

Prof: Jennifer Blair

Text: The Black Atlantic     $34.95

Narrative of...; Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl     $19.00

The History of Mary Prince     $20.00

The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano     $15.25

A Plea for Emigration     $15.25

At the Full and Change of the Moon

The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology     $44.99

49th Parallel Psalm     $18.95

ENG 2116
Prof: Jennifer Macquarrie
Text: Giovanni's Room   $17.00

       Fun Home   $24.99

       This is How You Lose the Time War    $19.99

ENG 1120

Prof: David Rampton

Text: Short Fiction    $123.95

ENG 2137

Prof: David Rampton

Text: NAAL Shorter 9th    $86.50

       Huck Finn    $10.50

ENG 3377

Prof: David Rampton



ENG 2110

Prof: Kelly St Jacques

Text: Alice`s Adventires in Wonderland    $7.95

      Stinky Cheese Man    $24.99

      Lost and Found    $34.99

      Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone    $14.99

      The Hate U Give    $23.99

      The Graveyard Book    $10.99

ENG 6310

Prof: Andrew Taylor

Text: Lancelot: The Knight of the Cart    $33.25

       Sir Gawain and the Green Knight    $23.50

       Edmund Spenser's Poetry 4th    $37.50

ENG 1131 B

Prof: Trevor Tucker

Text: Impact 9th    $84.99



HIS 4135/EAS 4110

PROF: Daniel Ruck

Text: Talking Back to the Indian Act    $33.95

        This Place: 150 Years Retold    $36.00