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ANT 3144

Prof: Ari Gandsman

Text: Doing Field Projects  $36.95



AHL 3100B

Prof: Neil Soiseth

Text: Notes From Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture  $26.50

Amusing the Million: Coney Island at the Turn of the Century  $24.00

The Breakfast Club: John Hughes, Hollywood and the Golden Age of the Teen  $32.50

AHL 4100

Prof: Neil Soiseth

Text: Notes From Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture  $26.50

Straight Edge: Clean-Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, and Social Change

Pretty in Punk: Girl's Gender Resistance in a Boy's Subculture

We're Not Here to Entertain: Punk Rock, Ronald Reagan, and the Real Cultural Wars of 1980's America$32.95

Sells Like Teen Spirit: Music, Youth Culture, and Social Crisis  $46.95


CLA 4150

Prof: Richard Burgess

Text: The Roman Empire in Late  $35.95

CLA 1101 B

Prof: David Sacks

Text: A Brief History of Ancient Greece. 4th edition  $74.99  

CAL 2102

Prof: David Sacks

Text: Aspects of Greek History 750-323 B.C.  $74.95

LCL 3102A

Prof: Louise Stephens

Text: A Caesar Reader  $39.95

LCL 4100A

Prof: Louise Stephens

Text: Latin Epic Reader  $39.95


CRM 2301

Prof: Christine Gervais

Text: Positivist Theories in Criminology  $40.95  

Dictionary of Sociology  $23.50

CRM 3301 C+D

Prof: Lori Stinson

Text: An Introduction to Critical Criminology  $69.95


ECO 2114A

Prof: David Gray

Text: Labour Market Economics  $129.95


ENG 2103C

Prof: Thomas Allen

Text: Mrs. Spring Fragrance  $19.95

Clotel  $18.50

American Indian Stories, Legends, and Other Writings $23.00

Little Women  $19.95

Leaves of Grass and Other Writings  $38.50


ENG 4180A

Prof: Thomas Allen

Text: A Raisin in the Sun  $11.95

       Dutchman and The Slave  $17.50

       For Coloured Girls Who Have Considered  $18.99

       The Piano Lesson  $16.00

       Choir Boy  $22.95

       Top Dog/Underdog  $23.95

       Slave Play  $23.95

ENG 3362

Prof: Mary Arseneau

Text: Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume E, 10th Ed.  $61.50

Aurora Leigh  $31.95

Hard Times  $12.00

ENG 2102​

Prof: Jennifer Baker

Text: Canadian Literature: Texts and Contexts, Vol. 2  $61.50

Wild Gee $19.95

Bear  $15.00

Split Tooth  $19.99

ENG 7332

Prof: Jennifer Blair

Text: The Unnatural and Accidental Women  $17.95

       Once in Blockadia  $18.95

       That Winter the Wolf Came  $$23.95

       War of Streets and Houses  $16.50

       Undercurrents  $19.95

       Brother  $19.95

       We Demand: The University and Student Protests  $27.95

       The Winter We Danced  $22.95

       Until We Are Free (optional) n/a

       Keetsahnak: Our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Sisters (optional)  $32.99

Until We Are Free   $27.95

ENG 1100

Prof: Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr

Text: Speaking of Writing $44.95

ENG 3320

Prof: James Brooke-Smith

Text: NAEL Volume F  $67.50

       Orlando  $16.99

       The Housing Lark  $20.00

ENG 1124 F

Prof: Victoria Burke

Text: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

Reading and Writing about Literature: A Portable Guide, 5th Edition  $29.95

They Say, I Say  $37.50

Measure for Measure  $28.95

ENG 3340 A

Prof: Victoria Burke

Text: The Broadview Anthology of Seventeenth Century Verse and Prose  $83.50

Paradise Lost  $10.95

ENG 6355 A

Prof: Victoria Burke

Text: Paper Bodies: A Margaret Cavendish Reader  $29.95

Lady Hester Putler: Poems, Emblems and the Unfortunate Florinda

​ENG 2135

Prof: Susan-Ann Cooper

Text: The Martian Chronicles  $11.99

Kindred  $22.00

Neuromancer  $23.00

The Giver  $12.50

The Birthday of the World  $21.00

Slaughterhouse Five  $9.99

ENG 2124D

Prof: Lauren Gillingham

Text: A Visit from the Goon Squad  $23.00

No One Is Talking About This  $23.00

Dracula (Broadview)  $15.50

The Intuitionist  $22.00

ENG 4185

Prof: Lauren Gillingham

Text: No One is Talking About This  $23.00

A Tale for the Time Being  $22.00

Bluets  $23.95

Fake Accounts  $23.00


ENG 1120Y

Prof: Shannon Griffin-Merth

Text: Writing Essays About Literature 2nd  $24.95

In the Skin of a Lion  $21.00

ENG 1120

Prof: Stephanie Kain

Text: Flowers for Algernon  $21.00

ENG 2305

Prof: Stephanie Kain

Text: Writing Creative Nonfiction  $24.99

       Girl, Interrupted  $22.00


ENG 1120 R

Prof: Aaron Kaiserman

Text: Norton Anthology of Short Fiction (Shorter 8th)  $75.50

ENG 1131 ZD

Prof: Aaron Kaiserman

Text: Speaking of Writing  $44.95

ENG 1120 X

Prof: Joseph LaBine

Text: The Unconsoled  $21.00

Strange Hotel  $23.00

ENG 4151

Prof: Sara Landreth

Text: Black England

Unchained Voices Anthology  $48.95

The Woman of Colour  $25.95

The Trials of Phyllis Wheatley  $32.99

Golden Hill  $25.00

ENG 1120 M

Prof: Sandra MacPherson

Text: What We All Long For  $22.95

ENG 2142

Prof: Sandra MacPherson

Text: Akira Volume 1  $29.99

Persepolis The Story of a Childhood  $22.00

Things Fall Apart  $17.95

The Diary of a Young Girl (Definitive edition)  $10.99


​ENG 2136

Prof: Sean Moreland

Text: Dracula  $15.50

I am Legend  $10.99

Haunting of Hill House $22.00

The Shining  $12.99

The Drowning Girl  $17.00

Uzumaki  $36.99

White is for Witching  $18.00

​ENG 3375

Prof: Sean Moreland

Text: On the Nature of the Universe  $13.95

Frankenstein  $14.50

Giovanni's Room  $20.00

Sandman: A Game of You  $25.99

ENG 1320 A

Prof: Jennifer Panek

Text: The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need  $15.99

ENG 4148 A

Prof: Jennifer Panek

Text: Middleton. Four Plays  $24.95

ENG 2104 C

Prof: Anne Raine

Text: O Pioneers  $9.95

       Selected Poems of Langston Hughes  $23.00

       There There  $21.00

ENG 3374 A

Prof: Anne Raine

Text: The Grapes of Wrath  $24.00

        The Book of the Dead

        Their Eyes Were Watching God  $21.99

        A Sand County Almanac  $17.95

        The Way to Rocky Mountain  $20.95

ENG 1120

Prof: Geoff Rector

Text: Frankenstein  $14.50

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


ENG 2124

Prof: Geoff Rector

Text: The Wasteland  $14.50

ENG 1131 D

Prof: David Sacks

Text: Impact! A Guide to Business Communication, 9th Ed.  $84.95

​​​ENG 2105 C

Prof: Kelly St-Jacques

Text: Norton Anthology of English Literature. Vols. A, B + C  $89.95

ENG 2106

Prof: Kelly St-Jacques

Text: Norton Anthology of English Literature. Vols. D, E + F (with Pride and Prejudice)  $95.95

ENG 3376 A

Prof: Kelly St-Jacques

Hamnet  $17.95

The Night Watchman  $22.00

The Ocean at the End of the Lane $21.99

The Remains of the Day  $21.00

Two Boys Kissing  $14.99

Do Not Say We Have Nothing  $22.00

​ENG 2101 C

Prof: David Staines

Text: Settlers of the Marsh  $21.00 

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town  $22.00

Antoinette de Mirecourt 

Anne of Green Gables   $9.99

Wild Geese   $19.95

Wild Animals I Have Known   19.95

Canadian Poetry from the Beginnings Through the First World War  $21.95

ENG 2102

Prof: David Staines

Text: The Handmaid's Tale  $19.95

Green Grass Running Water  $21.00

Selected Poems (A.M. Klein)  $38.95

Barometer Rising  $22.00

Lives of Girls and Women  $19.95

As for Me and My House  $18.95

We Two Alone  $19.95

ENG 3387

Canadian Fiction from 1950 to the Present

Prof: David Staines

Text: The Sacrifice  $19.95

The Double Hook  $18.95

A Jest of God  $21.00

Lives of Girls and Women  $19.95

The Handmaid's Tale  $19.95

A Fine Balance  $24.99

The Cat's Table  $22.00

Medicine Walk  $19.95

Do Not Say We Have Nothing  $22.00

ENG 2124E

Prof: Andrew Taylor

Text: The Silence of the Girls  $19.99

The Things They Carried  $21.00

Henry V  $10.95

ENG 1131

Prof: Trevor Tucker

Text: Impact! A Guide to Business Communication, 9th Ed.  $84.95

ENG 1100WW

Prof: Alan West

Text: Speaking of Writing: A Brief Rhetoric  $44.95

ENG 1120V

Prof: Alan West

Text: The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror  $22.99

Strange Case of Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde  $14.50

The Hound of the Baskervilles...  $17.50


ENV 1101

Prof: Eric Crighton

Text: Environment: The Science Behind the Headlines  $189.99





Text: Menschen A1.2 Kursbuch   $28.00

Menschen A1.2 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD  $28.00

Menschen A1.2 Glossar XXL Deutsch-Englisch  (recomended)  $24.00



Text: Menschen A2.2 Kursbuch  $28.00 

Menschen A2.2 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD  $28.00  

Menschen A2.2 Glossar XXL Deutsch-Englisch (recomended)  $24.00

Schritte neu Ubungsgrammatik  $36.00



Text: Menschen B1.2 Kursbuch  $28.00

Menschen B1.2 Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD  $28.00


LCM 1102

Prof: Joerg Esleben

Text: Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory, 4th Ed.  $26.95


MUS 2382

Prof: Genevieve Bazinet

Text: World Music CONCISE A Global Journey  $97,50


MUS 2304

Prof: Keith McCuaig

Text: What's That Sound?  $126.95


PHI 1103A

Prof: David Hyder

Text: Think

PHI 1104

Prof: Jeffrey Reid

Text: Great Philosophers  $28.50

PHI 4301

Prof:  Jeffrey Reid

Text:Outlines of the Philosophy of the Right


SRS 3191

Prof: Robert Edwards

Text: Religion and Global Politics  $ 139.99




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