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Recent Arrivals
Widow making war.jpg

A Widow-Making War: The Life and Death of a British officer in Zululand, 1879

By: W.R.C Wynee

Hardcover, 1995.


the origins of western war.jpg

The Origins of Western Warfare: Militarism and Morality in the Ancient World

By: Doyne Dawson

Hardcover with dustjacket, Westview Press,1996.

The Imperial roman Army.jpg

The Imperial Roman Army

By: Yann Le Bohec
Hardcover with dustjacket, Hippocrene Books

Barbnarians within the gates of rome.jpg

Barbarians within the Gates of Rome: A Study of Roman Military Policy and the Barbarians

By: Thomas S Burns
Hardcover with dustjacket, Indiana University Press, 1994.


The poison king.jpg

The Poison King: The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy
By: Adrienne Mayor
Hardcover with dustjacket, Princeton University Press, 2010.

Warfare in Ancient Greece.jpg

Warfare in Ancient Greece
By: Pierre Ducrey
Hardcover with dustjacket, Schoc
ken Books, 1985


the wars of greeks.jpg

The Wars of the Ancient Greeks

By: Victor Davis Hanson

Hardcover with dustjacket, Cassell, 1999.



Immanuel Kant`s Critique of Pure Reason

(translated by Norman Kemp Smith

Hardcover with dustjacket, MacMillan,1950.



Ludwig Wittgenstein The Duty of Genius

By: Ray Monk

Hardcover with dustjacket, Free Press, 1990



Michel Foucault

By: Didier Eribon

Hardcover with dustjacket, Harvard, 1991.



True Humanism

By: Jacques Maritain

Hardcover with dustjacket, Scribners, 1954.



Philosophical Explanations

By: Robert Nozick

Hardcover with dustjacket, Harvard, 1981.



The Pursuit of Certainty: David Hume, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Beatrice Webb

By: Shirley Robin Letwin
Hardcover with dustjacket, Cambridge University Press, 1965.


John Rawls: Collected Papers
Edited By: Samuel Freeman
Hardcover with dustjacket, Harvard University Press, 1999.


Philosophy in the Hellenistic & Roman Worlds: A History of Philosophy Without any Gaps

By: Peter Adamson
Hardcover with dustjacket, Oxford University Press, 2015



Wittgenstein's Vienna

By: Allan Janik & Stephen Toulmin
Hardcover with dustjacket, Simon & Schuster, 1973.


By: A.J. Ayer
Hardcover with dustjacket, Random House, 1985.


Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals
By: Iris Murdoch
Hardcover with dustjacket, Chatto & Windus, 1992


The War of the Two Emperors: The Duel between Napoleon and Alexander
By: Curtis Cate
Hardcover with dustjacket, Random House, 1985.


In Zululand: With the British Throughout the War of 1879
By: Charles L. Norris-Newman
Hardcover with dustjacket, Greenhill Books, 1988.


Blood on the Painted Mountain: Zulu Victory and Defeat Hlobane and Kambula 1879
By: Ron Lock
Hardcover with dustjacket, Greenhill Books, 1995.


The War Against Russia: The Crimean War, Russia's First Attempt to Expand in Europe

By: A.J. Barker
Hardcover with dustjacket, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1970.


The Crimean War: A Russian Chronicle
By: Albert Seaton
Hardcover with dustjacket, Batsford, 1977.


The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Legendary Fighting Force
By: Douglas Porch
Hardcover with dustjacket, Harper Collins, 1991.


The Life and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Prince Blucher
By: General Count Gneisenau
Hardcover with dustjacket, Constable, 1996.


Pulitzer Prize Winners in Limited Edition Attractive Leather Bindings (Franklin Library)

All the Kings Men (1976)
By: Robert Penn Warren



The Keepers of the House (1977)
By: Shirley Ann Grau

The Tales of the South Pacific (1975)
By: James A. Michener

A Fable (1976)
By: William Faulkner

Now in November (1976)
By: Josephine Johnson

Andersonville (1976)
By: MacKinlay Kantor


The Good Earth (1975)
By: Pearl S. Buck


Honey in the Horn (1977)
By: H.L. Davis 

The Yearling (1977)
By: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Laughing Boy (1977)
By: Oliver La Farge

The Able McLaughlins (1977)
By: Margaret Wilson

Scarlet Sister Mary (1978)
By: Julia Peterkin

Early Autumn (1977)
By: Louis Bromfield


Advise and Consent (1976)
By: Allen Drury

Guard of Honor (1978)
By: James Gould Cozzens

Years of Grace (1976)
By: Margaret A. Barnes

The Old Man and the Sea (1975)
By: Ernest Hemingway